It's common that you'll want to modify the header area of your application, this section is just made up of a collection of blade includes which use the waterfall system so you can easily change this to what ever you need.

  • /resources/vendor/maelstrom/partials/header.blade.php
    • This contains the whole header strip
  • /resources/vendor/maelstrom/partials/header-logo.blade.php
    • Just the left hand side with the logo
  • /resources/vendor/maelstrom/partials/header-nav.blade.php
    • Just the right side with the log out buttons

The header-nav.blade.php also houses a

  • Log out button
  • Edit profile button

It's likely if you want to add more things up here.

Preview of header


You have the option to either publish the view and make your modifications, however we provide 2 stacks which you can push additional items to


    <a href="/">View Website</a>


// and


    <a href="mailto:help@website.com">Help</a>


Logging Out

A Logout button is also included - however there is no logic to actually log you out included.

To display the button you must create a controller and a POST route called maelstrom.logout which handles your logout logic. e.g.

class AdminLogOutController extends Controller
    public function __invoke()

        session()->flash('flash', 'You have been logged out.');

        return redirect()->route('admin.login');

Route::post('admin/logout', '/Admin/AdminLogOutController')->name('maelstrom.logout');

The logout button will also only show if you're logged in using a auth()->check() query. If you're using a custom auth guard - We recommend you set this to the default guard via Middleware around your protected routes e.g. app('auth')->setDefaultDriver('admin');