Bulk Actions

We have the ability to apply bulk actions from the index page.

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By default we provide the ability for the following:

  • Delete selected
  • Restore selected
  • Permanently delete selected

Creating a Controller Method

Unfortunately Laravel only has the default controller methods, so you'll need to either create a BulkActionsController with methods for each of your panels, or maybe add a bulk() method to your controller.

Once you've got a controller method setup you just need to call the bulk actions handler.

public function bulk()
    return $this->panel->redirect('index');

You'll also need to register a POST route and name for your bulk actions e.g.

Route::post('admin/pages/bulk', 'PageController@bulk')->name('pages.bulk');

You can then globally map the route into your panel - Or you can pass in the route URL to the table component (scroll down to the last code example)

$this->panel->routes['bulk'] = route('pages.bulk')

Custom Bulk Actions

Adding custom bulk actions is pretty straight forward, simply call the provided handler first, and if it responds with false you know nothing matched.

You can then go on to running what ever logic you wish, you'll have access to 2 variables on the Request class e.g.

  • action (what action was selected from the menu)
  • selected (an array of primary keys which had been selected)
public function bulk(Request $request)
    if ($this->panel->handleBulkActions()) {
        return $this->panel->redirect('index');
    //... Your custom logic e.g.
    if ($request->get('action') === 'export') {
        return PageService::export($request->get('selected'));
    //... etc

If you need any validation, or to apply permissions, you can inject a custom Request class to handle this.

Once your controller is set up, you'll need to provide these actions to the table component.

Within your index blade template e.g. admin/pages-index.blade.php you need to pass in an array of your bulk actions. You can do this however you like, e.g. controller or within your template.

The structure for the bulk_actions object has 3 optional properties

  • mode (this can be merge or overwrite, by default we merge your actions here with our actions)
  • route (you can pass the bulk actions URL right in here)
  • actions (an array, with the key being the action value and the value being the text label)
    @include('maelstrom::components.table', [
        'bulk_actions' => [
            'route' => route('bulk-actions.pages'),
            'actions' => [
                'print' => 'Print',
                'export' => 'Export PDF',

If the user picks Export PDF the request to the backend will submit the $request->action as export