Welcome to Maelstrom.

Maelstrom is very different from many other CRUD/CMS systems that are kicking about, it's most similar counterpart is most likely our good friends Backpack for Laravel.

The key differences between Maelstrom any many others will be:

  • Modern frontend tooling via React, Tailwind and Webpack (mix),
  • No fully integrated controllers/models,
  • No bundled frontend like Bootstrap,
  • Completely customisable layouts,
  • Extremely easy to add your own custom inputs,
  • Highly extendable / over-writable components and methods,
  • Everything is designed to be changed,
  • Use what you want, ignore what you like,
  • A super simple media manager,
  • Ability to add components anywhere within your app, frontend, backend etc... using Blade or React.

There's a handful of key concepts Maelstrom tries to follow:

  • Everything must be over-writable,
  • Nothing must be forced,
  • Only use what you need.
  • Keep to the default Laravel patterns e.g. Controllers, Models and Views.

How it works

We have a single God class, of which every method is publicly exposed (allowing customisation) providing you a whole range of helper methods to easily handle your data.

Controllers are based on on Laravel's resourceful controllers and use all of the default methods (maybe minus the show method - this is up to you).

Models are your normal models, nothing special needed apart from exposing the protected $fillable property.

Views are all regular blade templates with sprinklings of helpers, your own components and layouts.

Why Not

There are a few times when Maelstrom will not be appropriate for your project e.g.

  • If you need a fully integrated plug and play system (Checkout Nova).
  • If you need a flexible system which comes bundles with tonnes prebuilt UI components, widgets, plugins etc (Checkout Backpack)..
  • If you don't want to use React.
  • You don't have the time to create your own layouts.

Any questions then please get in contact with

Questions and Support

You can email for questions, however if you need code support

Video Tutorials

Below we have a small selection of videos showing how to use various features whilst creating a blog, there is between 1 and 2 hours worth of content.

Excuse the bad microphone! 😇

Getting Started

Learning how to install and configure Maelstrom.

Creating a Category Panel

A very simple panel to help you get to grips with the code structure.

Creating a Posts Panel

A more advance panel with extra fields and features.

Adding a Sidebar

Managing the sidebar within the control panel.

Adding Filters

How to create filters for different column types.